Can I catch mange from my horse with CPL?

No, the mites that affect horses can’t survive on people for very long. But that doesn’t mean they won’t make your life miserable for a day or two, until they die. The other infections prevalent with CPL, however, can affect humans. Be sure to wear...

Do the Equinell™ products have an expiration or best use by date?

Unopened containers have at least 5 years of shelf life under ordinary conditions.  Best to keep away from light for long storage periods.  Under ideal conditions, the shelf life has been proven to be 8 years. Opened containers should be used within 4-6 months.  The...

How should Equinell™ products be stored?

Unopened containers can be stored pretty much anywhere away from strong light. In a box, drawer or cabinet is perfect. Opened containers should have the twist top closed between uses. Besides preventing accidental spills, a closed top will prevent oxygen from getting...

Putting Spirit Back into Your Horse

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