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Healthy Steed is dedicated to getting the most out of your pet or performing animal, allowing you to really enjoy your horse they way you ought to be able to, making them happy and comfortable.

“Because a happy horse and rider are a thing to behold.”

The Back Story

Engineering work dried up as industry fled to China. I was out of work. We lived on my wife’s salary as an AP nurse. I had ripped something in my shoulder, and while I was waiting to be seen, I picked up a magazine and it opened to a “Dear Dr. Herbalist” article. The author recommended mixing two essential oils to help with nail fungus. That runs in my family. I tried it, and it worked, but it was harsh. So I started messing around with essential oils, looking for something that would work but be less… toxic, would be a good word.

The Unbelievable News

I sent a mix off to a microbiological lab, and got a call from one of the owners asking me to explain again what I had sent them. When he finally believed me, he said the mix was as effective as anything they had ever seen, and that they had not yet determined its Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC, an index of potency). They kept diluting it and it kept killing the whole plate (Petri dish with growing fungus). That began the process and a relationship with this lab that lasts to this day.

The Final Formulation

With their initial result in hand, I was accepted into Biostart, a medical incubator firm in town which financed, found financing, and enabled the development of the current formulation. Along with a lot of help from the materials supplier, who provided samples and opened up their library of chemical analyses, I was able to systematize the search for a synergy among groups of 2 and 3 compounds. A synergy is when two ingredients work very much better than either one alone. Synergies cannot be predicted. Nobody looks for them because they are hard to find and, frankly, it’s pretty barren ground. But I found one.

According to one registry I hold the world’s only patent for a combination of 2 natural ingredients that just wipes out most bacteria and fungi: “Topical Antifungal Composition”. Actually, now it is 10 patents around the world. We formed the Company and branded the first product, “Tonel® Topical Oil Treatment”.

How Equinell™ Came About

During the human test of Tonel®, which ran over several months, I went on vacation to do some surfing. I had a terrible accident when a freak wave caught me and drove me into the beach. In an instant I had 2 broken vertebrae in my neck, a crushed disk, and permanent damage to my spinal cord and several peripheral nerves.

How I even survived is a story in itself. Thanks to two men who pulled me out of the surf, a really good surgeon who put me back together, my family, and 3 years of rehabilitation, therapy, and recovery, I am mostly back to normal. While there is a chance I will eventually become paralyzed (1 in 3 will), I hope and believe I will be one of the lucky ones.

During my recovery my sister Marlene took up an interest in Tonel® and started messing around with it. We tested it on animals, where it cleared up their feet in a jiffy. We made a surfactant (shampoo) mix and found it worked wonders on skin. Then we found Tonel® kills blood sucking insects (and a variety of plant pests, too). That’s how Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil and Equinell™ Shampoo for use on both horses and dogs came about – my accident and Marlene’s love of horses.

Sounds nearly impossible? I like that.

~Charlie Boegli

Read the rest of Charlie’s Story.

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