Healthy Hooves

Are you a horse owner?

Then you already know that one of the biggest challenges for the horse owner is maintaining healthy hooves!

Horses are very susceptible to all kinds of hoof ailments, most of which are very common. And of those, a good many (if not most) are caused by bacterial and/or fungal infections, of one kind or another.

These include:

  • Abscesses
  • Laminitis (Founder)
  • Navicular Disease
  • Thrush
  • White Line Disease (WLD)

Hoof Comparison Healthy Hooves

Does Your Horse Suffer from a Hoof Disease or Condition?

If you notice any of the following, your horse may be suffering from a hoof disease:

Signs of Abscesses

  • Is your horse suddenly lame?
  • Is there unusual swelling in the lower limbs?
  • Is the hoof warm to the touch?
  • Is your horse unwilling to put weight on one hoof?
  • Are there signs of damage to the hoof sole?
  • Is the digital pulse elevated? (Felt at the fetlock, the pulse will be much stronger on the side of the foot where the abscess is located)

Signs of Thrush

  • A reaction to probing around the frog area
  • Dark or black ooze showing on the underside of the hoof
  • Rotting odor from the underside of the hoof
  • Very strong pungent smelling feet
  • Pasty discharge from the hoof

Signs of White Line Disease

  • Looking at the sole of your horse’s hoof, locate the “white line” – the whitish looking area between the outside hoof wall and where it meets the sole.
  • Scrape or brush it until it’s clean.
  • Evaluate the width (It should be about the width of a line drawn with a pencil).
  • Does the line appear to be “stretched”? Or is there a crack or separation?
  • Long wide spots are likely to be current infections – white line disease.


What You Need to Do RIGHT NOW!

Hoof infections can range from mild to life-threatening! If you suspect your horse may have a hoof infection, YOUR FIRST MOVE is to call your veterinarian or farrier ASAP and have your horse examined by an expert.

Follow his/her advice, and hopefully your horse’s condition will improve over time. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, this could take a few days, to several months.

How to Maintain Healthy Hooves

Whether your horse currently has healthy hooves, or has recovered, or is recovering, from a hoof disease, observe the following tips to keep your horse’s hooves healthy.

  • Good diet – grass hay, fed continuously off the ground, is a good start.
  • Clean water and salt.
  • Keep your horse outside as much as possible.
  • Try to keep his pasture drained.
  • Clean his feet daily.
  • If you must stall, keep the stall as clean as possible.
  • And use…

Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil

Hoof Oil and Horse Treats - Equinell™If your horse’s hoof problems are the result of a bacterial or fungal infection, Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil can be of ENORMOUS help!

Application of Equinell™ on a regular basis as directed, can not only help to protect your horse from the onset of hoof problems, but can even be a factor in improving the comfort and appearance of affected areas during the recovery process.

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Einan came to Legacy Farm with an advanced case of thrush. He was noticeably uncomfortable. After four Equinell hoof oil treatments the smell has vanished there is no more exudate and he is much more willing to let us work on his hooves.

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