What to Do If Your Horse Suffers from White Line Disease

If you suspect your horse has white line disease, please read this carefully…

  • Has the white line changed color to a black or dark gray?
  • Does the line appear to be “stretched”?
  • Is there a crack or separation?
  • Do you notice a foul odor?
  • Are there long wide spots?

What causes white line disease in horses?

White Line

Also called stall rot, hollow foot, shelly foot, wall thrush, or seedy toe…

This condition occurs when the white line becomes damaged, allowing fungus and/or bacteria to break down and destroy the tissue connection within the hoof.

And it’s painful for your horse.

So just how should you deal with this?

While there are numerous treatments in common usage, most of them present drawbacks.

Chemical Disinfectants: As these are water formulations, penetration is poor. In addition, their use can, given repeated exposure, have negative consequences for the horse and the caregiver.

Bleach: Using a bleach solution is a popular way to deal with thrush: likewise, hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide is sometimes used. The problem is that, even though they kill germs, they cause damage to healthy tissue at the same time.

And worst of all, the damaged tissue just invites NEW infection!

Tropical wood oils: As these are sensitizers, they are exposure hazards, both for the horse and the caregiver.

Topical Antibiotics: Another case of not penetrating well. Also ineffective. The FDA has even delisted some of these.

“Natural Cures”: Low concentration levels and poor penetration render these generally ineffective.

So you can see the problem: Common treatment methods are largely ineffective at best, and hazardous at worst… AND may even induce new infection.

What’s needed is something that’s non-toxic, doesn’t harm healthy tissue, doesn’t harm the environment, but yet is guaranteed effective.

Introducing… Equinell™

Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil meets all the criteria:

  • Delivers exceptional penetration
  • Is not toxic
  • Actually WORKS!
  • And as a bonus, Equinell™ is, in the long haul, more economical than similar products on the market (View comparison chart)

Unlike many other methods, use of Equinell™ is not hazardous to the horse, the caregiver, or the environment. And unlike those other methods… it actually WORKS!

Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil, applied on a regular schedule as directed, can help restore healthy white lines. It will help with the infections, and allow the hoof to grow normally. Often the hoof will grow faster for a few months, which helps the process along.

Applying Equinell to the White Line

Applying Equinell™ Hoof & Mane Oil to the White Line

My entire life I have attempted to help horses in any which way I can, and Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil is an important milestone to hoof health, one of the most overlooked and misunderstood areas, even for vets and farriers.

Heike Bean

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Hasn’t your horse suffered long enough?

Say “Goodbye” to White Line Disease

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Hoof Oil and Horse Treats - Equinell™

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