Does Your Horse Suffer from Lameness?

Do you see your horse limping? Or do you, in spite of what you’ve been told, think your horse has sore feet? If all 4 hooves have problems, your horse may not limp. (Click here to read “How to Evaluate a Horse for Equinell™”)

If you answered “Yes” then you’re come to the right place!

If your horse is limping, it’s most likely because something hurts, and by limping he/she is trying to alleviate the pain. But just what is causing the pain?

There are a number of possible answers. But some of the MOST COMMON have to do with hoof problems, which can include:

  • Thrush
  • Hoof Bruise
  • Hoof Abscess
  • White Line Disease (WLD)
  • Laminitis

Step 1

Your first step in relieving your horse’s pain is determining whether the pain is the result of a hoof problem, or some other cause. This is where you need to call on your vet or farrier, to examine your horse to find out if the pain is hoof-related, or being caused by some other issue.

Step 2

In the case of the latter, we can’t help you. But if the former, get a bottle of Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil ASAP, and apply it to your horse’s hooves as directed.

While Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil cannot help in every case of lameness, it has been used with amazing results where the lameness is due to a hoof issue. Numerous horse owners who have used Equinell™, have been delighted with the results.

My horse Charlie had thrush on three hooves. We used Equinell™ on him and it fixed him right up! Thank you so much Equinell™!

Angie Dyer

About the third week, I came in to find one of the horses cross tied, owner in tears. They had tried everything they knew to try, and he was still lame. He had black, smelly drainage running from his frogs, and had been developing a surly attitude for a few weeks…

I had a couple of vials of Charlie’s formula in the car… I painted his feet, and left a couple of vials to use in the next few days. They weren’t needed. Four days later his feet were non tender, dry, and they seemed to give him no problem when he was under saddle.

Marlene Boegli

Try Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil RISK FREE!

Many lame horses have been helped with the application of Equinell™. If your horse suffers from lameness, don’t wait any longer… act NOW to alleviate his/her pain… every moment you delay, your horse is HURTING.

Give Equinell™ a try, and if you don’t agree that Equinell™ works way, WAY better than anything you’ve tried until now, just return the unused portion for a FULL, No-Hassle refund!

You’ll be happy you tried Equinell™ – and so will your horse… we GUARANTEE IT.


Get Equinell™ Hoof and Mane Oil NOW!

Hoof Oil and Horse Treats - Equinell™

P.S. There’s really no reason to wait. If your horse is suffering, why not act RIGHT NOW! Our No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back GUARANTEE makes this a “No-brainer”!

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