Does Your Horse Suffer from Rain Rot?

Does your horse exhibit any of the following?

  • Skin that is thick and crusted
  • Matted or tangled hair
  • Hair standing on end
  • Skin warm to the touch
  • Touching skin causes pain
  • Skin and hair that can be easily peeled away
  • Raw and sensitive areas underneath the affected skin
  • “Pebbled” appearance on hair or skin

If you answered “Yes” to the above, then your horse is probably suffering from RAIN ROT…


Rain Rot (or Rain Scald) is one of the most common skin infections in horses. It’s caused by rain or moisture on the horse’s coat, which leads to a large infection. Left alone, it will usually spread. It will almost always heal with permanent scarring and discoloration.

It’s most common in areas with wet or very humid conditions. Although not itchy, it’s painful to the touch.

Rain Rot is a painful skin infection, which makes your horse a miserable mess! If your horse has Rain Rot, your horse is in pain, and suffering. You’ll want to take immediate measures to provide him/her relief as quickly as possible.

So What Can You Do About It?

Commercial Preparations – There are a number of commercial preparations for treating rain rot. But the problem is that most of them are either ineffective, don’t penetrate well, contain toxic chemicals, can harm healthy tissue… or ALL of the above!

Chemical Disinfectants – These generally don’t penetrate well, are not very effective, and can harm healthy tissue

Antibiotics – Antibiotics are often present in topical formulas. They don’t penetrate well, and most of the ones used have become ineffective. Some have been delisted by the FDA.

What about “Home Remedies”? Some common home remedies include…

Honey – Certain specific honeys will strongly inhibit microbes, but in their raw state also contains dangerous bacterial spores.

Vinegar – Raw cider vinegar may contain ingredients which inhibit germs. But because it’s acidic, in any useful concentration it causes severe pain, and it increases scarring.

Natural substances and essential oils – Some essential oils and tree wood oils are actually quite toxic, or cause strong and/or long lasting reactions when applied to the skin.

(Note: CLICK HERE for a more in-depth discussion of topical skin remedies for horses)

The Problem in a Nutshell

What’s needed is something strong enough to kill germs & fungi, but at the same time, is non-toxic and will not cause damage to living tissue.

Enter Equinell™

This is why it took so long to perfect Equinell™. Killing bacteria and fungi isn’t all that hard, but doing it without damaging the tissue under the infection or causing other problems such as allergies becomes very difficult indeed.

Equinell products are made from the tested and patented Tonel® base, first developed for human use. The ingredients in Equinell™ have been proven safe over and over again in tests conducted by registered independent laboratories as required by law for human-use products.

Now the GOOD NEWS!

A lot of horse owners have experienced great success used Equinell™ Shampoo to tackle a number of common skin conditions… including Rain Rot. We believe Equinell™ Shampoo is YOUR BEST BET to provide your horse the needed relief.

Try Equinell™ Shampoo RISK FREE!


ACT FAST! Rain rot spreads quickly.

I had no idea that Imari’s skin was making her so miserable, and ill. Now that I am aware of the problem, and the solution, I am a lifelong customer. I would recommend this product to anyone, especially Gypsy or feathered horse owners, or anyone who owns a horse with skin issues, such a rain rot.

This is an amazing product. Truly a gift to the horse world.

Thank you!

Dawn Westheimer

In fact, we’re so sure that Equinell™ Shampoo will help your horse’s Rain Rot (and a number of other skin conditions), that we’re offering a Money Back GUARANTEE.

Try Equinell™ Shampoo on your horse, and if the results don’t exceed those of any similar product you’ve ever tried, just return the unused portion for a FULL, No-Questions-Asked refund.

Get Equinell™ Shampoo NOW!

Horse Shampoo and Treats - Equinell™

P.S. Does your horse suffer from Sweet Itch? Mud Fever? Equinell™ Shampoo can help with those too!

P P.S. There’s really no reason to wait. If your horse is suffering, why not act RIGHT NOW! Our No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back GUARANTEE makes this a “No-brainer”!

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