Recommended Selection Process

  1. Start with the restoration product for the hoof or skin ailment your pony, saddle or work horse is experiencing.
  2. After the ailment clears, transition to the appropriate maintenance product to save using our autoship program.

Empty Bottle Guarantee

Empty Bottle Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied after using the entire bottle of any Equinell™ product we’ll refund the cost of the product, no questions asked.

Your steed will be happy you tried Equinell™ – We GUARANTEE IT.

Think Our Products Are Expensive?

Review a full comparison of competing hoof and skin solutions for your work horse to see why Equinell™ rates your horse’s 2 ears up recommendation.

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  • Hoof Oil and Horse Treats - Equinell™

    Hoof Ailment Restoration

  • Horse Shampoo and Treats - Equinell™

    Skin Ailment Restoration


Putting Spirit Back into Your Horse

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