Does Your Horse Suffer from Lameness?

Does Your Horse Suffer from Sore Feet?

Does Your Horse Suffer from Leg Sores?

Does Your Horse Suffer from Thrush?

Does Your Horse Suffer from Abscesses?

Does Your Horse Suffer from Rain Rot?

Does Your Horse Suffer from Hoof Fungus?

Does Your Horse Suffer from Pastern Dermatitis?

Does Your Horse Suffer from White Line Disease?

Does Your Horse Suffer from Sore Feet?

Does Your Horse Suffer From…

  • Sore Feet?
  • Lameness?
  • Thrush?
  • White Line Disease?
  • Abscesses?
  • Hoof Rot?
  • Hoof Fungus?
  • Rain Rot?
  • Mud Fever?
  • Rain Scald?
  • Pastern Dermatitis?
  • Sweet Itch?
  • Scratches?

There are plenty of products on the market to treat these ailments, some more effective than others. But in every case, it takes many days – even weeks – to see results… that is, if results are seen at all.

And during all that time, YOUR HORSE IS SUFFERING!

But as a result of a scientific breakthrough, there’s now a product that will, in most cases, greatly help to relieve your horse’s pain and suffering in a matter of just a couple of days… sometimes even hours! Equinell™ Oil, when applies to your horse’s hooves, can give your horse FAST relief from thrush, white line disease, abscesses, hoof rot, hoof fungus, and other ailments that cause lameness.

Equinell™ Shampoo can be applied to your horse’s skin in cases of rain rot, mud fever, rain scald, pastern dermatitis, sweet itch, and other skin conditions.

In most cases you’ll see a remarkable improvement in your horse’s condition. Your horse will look and feel better, sometimes in a matter of only a few hours.

Let’s see how Equinell™ compares to other common products on the market.

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“My entire life I have attempted to help horses in any which way I can, and your product is an important milestone to hoof health, one of the most overlooked and misunderstood areas, even for vets and farriers.”

Heike Bean

Recognized national hoof expert and former chairman of the Dressage Committee of the American Driving Society

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Cost & Convenience

Most all horse related products are costly… Equinell™ is no exception. But there’s more to consider than just the initial cost. Frequency of application has a profound effect on your pocketbook. Most horse related products require repeated, and more often than not, daily application.

But because Equinell™ is long lasting, application can be much less frequent, saving you some BIG BUCKS in the long run. And let’s not discount the matter of convenience. More frequent application means not only more expense, but more work as well. Let’s see how Equinell™ compares to other common products on the market.

Give Equinell a try on YOUR horse. I think you’ll see very quickly just how FAST and EFFECTIVELY Equinell can relieve your horse’s suffering. Your horse will look, feel, and act better, much faster than you would have thought possible.

I personally believe there’s no other product on the market that even comes CLOSE to the speed and effectiveness with which Equinell relieves a horse’s suffering. But I’m not asking you to take my word for it…

“We were called by some friends who had found him and couldn’t bear to leave him to die. His feet were in terrible condition, and they knew we were collecting data on Equinell™ hoof oil, could we help? His feet were in terrible condition…

“We set to work, carefully swabbing the skin with hoof oil. Where the concretions kept us from touching the skin we saturated them, as best we could…

Three days later we were delighted to find a much happier horse…”

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King's Story, Marlene Boegli

Try it … and See for Yourself!

  • Hoof Oil and Horse Treats - Equinell™

    Hoof Ailment Restoration

  • Horse Shampoo and Treats - Equinell™

    Skin Ailment Restoration


How to Evaluate a Horse for Equinell™?

We want you to succeed. This will help you figure out if your horse needs Equinell™. First, stand your horse on a hard surface, in good light. Walk around behind, and look at the heel on each foot.

Can you see the cleft in the middle of the frog from behind?

If yes, there is a problem. Pick up a hoof, and clean it carefully. Look at the frog. The groove in the center of the frog should have a solid, smooth bottom. If the bottom is too deep to see, or if the groove is ragged, there is a problem. Be gentle here, especially if the crevice splits the heel.

Case Studies

Imari's Story

Imari's Story

D and I found each other by the oddest coincidence; I was looking for Gypsy Vanners to experience, and she was looking for someone to spend time with her horses. She had a barn full of Vanners, gorgeous, well cared for creatures. D thought her horses would be happier with someone to partner with.

King's Story

King's Story

King was beautiful, and he was big. In fifty odd years around horses I had never seen a better breed specimen. Picture a nineteen hand Budweiser Clydesdale. But he was thin, and King was terribly ill. He had been used as a carriage horse until he was too sick to work, then abandoned in a pasture, presumably to die.

Nick's Story

Nick's Story

Wicked Nick, my heart horse, was taken from his paddock in the middle of the night, when I was on vacation. I dropped everything and flew home from Hawaii, because Nick meant more to me than anything else I owned. I had bought him as a spoiled two year old, and we had become a team.

Marlene's Story

Marlene's Story

My name is Marlene Boegli, and Charles Boegli is my brother. Charlie worked for years on a product for use on human toenails, but I didn’t pay much attention to that, other than using it when I needed it. I am a martial arts instructor, among other things, so having decent looking feet is important.

Let Equinell™ Help You

Whether your horse is your best friend, working partner, or source of livelihood, the last thing you need is hoof related lameness. Regardless of how you address it, it’s going to be time-consuming, or expensive. Most likely both. And in the meantime, your horse is miserable. Maybe he’s sore on one or two feet, so he limps. Maybe he’s sore all around. Limping doesn’t help, and he can’t tell you why he’s miserable, so he becomes surly and reluctant.

OnikoLabs is dedicated to getting the most out of your pet or performing animal, allowing you to really enjoy your horse they way you ought to be able to, making your horse happy and comfortable.

Because a happy horse and rider are a thing to behold.


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Equinell™ products are not medicines and are not intended to be a substitute for veterinary care.

Equinell Horse Products
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