How should Cool Spot for Dogs™ be stored?

Keep Cool Spot ampules in the plastic bag, in a drawer or cabinet, away from light. If stored carefully, they will remain good for at least 8 years. If the contents turns brown, this means they have been exposed to light and are no longer good. This can occur in as...

Do Equinell products have an expiration or best use by date?

Unopened containers have at least 5 years of shelf life under ordinary conditions. Best to keep away from light for long storage periods. Under ideal conditions, the shelf life has been proven to be 8 years. Opened containers should be used up within 4-6 months. The...

What are the ingredients in Equinell™ products?

The main ingredients are natural Origanum (oil from the oregano plant, or Origanum vulgare), and natural menthol, most commonly made from the cornmint plant (Mentha arvensis). These ingredients work together. Grapeseed oil gives the product better handling...

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