Dawn Westheimer

Imari … was nearing the end of her life. Her death was near, and inevitable, or so I thought. After Marlene began treating Imari, it was as if she had been given a dip in the fountain of youth. She is sound and cantering for fun. This is an amazing product....

Amy Westheimer Dollin

I just sent some photos of Toby. His feathers are growing back wonderfully. It blows my mind. He is so much more comfortable now. I only hope we can get a lifetime supply! I don’t think I can live without it now.
Marlene’s Story

Marlene’s Story

“About the third week, I came in to find one of the horses cross tied, owner in tears. They had tried everything they knew to try, and he was still lame. I had a couple of vials of Charlie’s formula in the car. I painted his feet, and left a couple of...

King’s Story

“We were called by some friends who had found him and couldn’t bear to leave him to die. His feet were in terrible condition… We set to work, carefully swabbing the skin with hoof oil. Three days later we were delighted to find a much happier...

Imari’s story

“Imari was gradually losing weight… She began to lie down to sleep, more and more. Finally she was lying down three times to sleep, on bad days. I mixed eight ounces of shampoo, which I applied dry. Two months into treatment, I walked towards her with a...

Putting Spirit Back into Your Horse

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