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I owe it all to enough boredom while visiting a doctor’s office to pickup and read an ancient copy of a magazine, then to have the curiosity to follow-up on what I read to provide relief for chronic toe nail fungus. Even I’m amazed!Charlie Boegli, Equinell™ Inventor

Charlie Boegli’s Biography

I started off in a house with a chemistry lab, an electronics lab, and a photographic darkroom as separate, dedicated rooms, and a large, very interesting library. I did a little less than OK in school, but was accepted into the Mensa Society at 19.

In youth, I had few friends, so I had time to mess about in that chemistry lab (without the knowledge or consent of my dad).

My first college degree, BGS, is what they give you when you have taken a bunch of mostly STEM courses, but not enough in any one subject to make it a major. It turned out to be just the right thing for me, because I got to study a great many different things, not only in the sciences. There I also found my deep love for philosophy and history.

Charlie Had a Great Role Model

My father, himself an engineer and in many ways a genius of the old guard (he had an Einstein Number of 2), got it in his head that I should build my own car, rather than just buy one. He footed most of the bill. Well, it was a mistake for easy transportation, but after 2 years of effort I was riding around in a ’62 VW bug re-titled as a dune buggy. I had gone through it completely and it was a blast to ride, even in winter. Cold as hell, it went over snow like it was sawdust. I drove it to school for years.

Charlie Enters the Workforce

My first and very best job ever was as Captain of the Winton Woods Queen and Princess tour boats. These were true stern wheeler watercraft, built by the maintenance department: ancient, leaky, top heavy, hard to steer, and absolutely wonderful in every way. I sold tickets, gave rides around the lake, took care of the boats, had use of the fastest boat on the lake when needed it, and 24 hour access to the park. Wow.

But then we all moved to THE FARM. I never really knew why my parents did that. It was both an adventure and a hardship. A single kerosene stove heated the house. Barely running water, the kitchen was served by a hand pump from a cistern. Living there required a lot of hard work… and invention. That’s where I learned why farmers make great inventors. It’s called making do with what you have.

His First REAL Job

My next real job came after college. Jobs were scarce, and I wound up working in a chemical plant as an electrician. I stayed there almost 4 years. The experience was invaluable. Chemical plants are incredibly complex and I had complete access to all of it. I got married during that time, and at one point Sheila suggested that I should go to engineering school.

To this day, I don’t know why they took me, but I got in and somehow got through. My advisor was a very kindly man, I must say that.

Working as an Engineer

And then I took up work as a mechanical engineer in an engineering firm. I loved the variety of work. Every project was different. It was nerve wracking, though, always on the wrong side of the learning curve, but by that time I had gotten pretty good at getting pretty good. I became a project technical manager and senior engineer. After about 20 years of it, I had done some fairly important work in aerospace, process, and even high speed controls.

Ever Eaten a McDonald’s Burger?

I made 2 major upgrades to the plant that makes an oat fiber ingredient for the buns. It keeps them fresh, and replaces a chemical.

Ever Flown from Dubai to Beijing?

If so, you flew on an Airbus A320 powered by Rolls Royce Trent 500 engines. It is currently the farthest-flying commercial aircraft ever built. I oversaw the design of the Intermediate Turbine Nozzle Guide Vane, the hottest running part in the whole engine. (I got that job because nobody else would touch it. They figured it couldn’t be built.)

Know Anyone with Parkinson’s Disease?

I built the equipment to safely handle ractopamine, the world’s first treatment. Ractopamine is incredibly poisonous (as are many drugs). The client was unsure whether it could even be done. My stuff worked perfectly.

Rest of the Equinell™ Story

I lost my job and discovered the Equinell™ secret. Read About Us for the rest of my story.

I like to solve a certain kind of puzzle: The kind others can’t seem to solve. I built my reputation on it as an engineer and inventor. Strangely, it didn’t win me any popularity contests. And there it is in 11-12 Aug 2018 WSJ pg. B4: “Challenge Driven Leaders”. I am one of those. This article describes me better than I can.Charlie Boegli, Equinell™ Inventor


A happy horse and rider are a thing to behold.Charlie, Equinell™ Inventor

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